Disclosure Statement – Updated as of: October 2016


  • I am a UK Dietetics student, on a course that is regulated by the Health Care Professions Council (HCPC). Therefore, I have a responsibility to act and behave in a professional manor and I have pledged to blog with integrity. This basically means that I am bound by an ethical code of conduct to not provide false or misleading information.
  • Any advice that is given on my social media platforms, such as YouTube, my Blog, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, is aimed at the general public, not to be replaced by personally tailored advice that would be given to you by your own health care specialists, such as doctors, nurses or Dieticians.
  • All of the opinions on my social media platforms are 100% my own and I will be honest, not to be influenced by anyone or paid endorsements. You will know if I have been given products for free or have accepted money for any video I produce, as I will clearly state it. I will only ever accept free products or compensation for my time if I genuinely would buy the product myself and actually believe in the product.
  • If I mention or show a product in my video, I am not getting an endorsement or payment, unless I state otherwise and make it clear that I am.
  • Any sponsorship or endorsement on my social media will be clearly marked that it is so, and will never influence my honest opinion. I am to be transparent in everything I post.

My aim

  • My YouTube and blog is my hobby and my passion. I love making videos and making people happy. Reading peoples comments and replying to as many as I can is honestly something I look forward to!
  • My aim is to create inspiring, and useful content, with each video always having a purpose. Whether that being to make you laugh, feel inspired to travel somewhere new, try a new make-up look or style, or simply give my advice. It is light hearted and aimed to create a positive space for my followers.
  • Content on my channel involves make-up tutorials, travel diaries, ‘How To’ videos, style inspiration, reviews on beauty products and mainly things around these areas.
  • My channel is not really aimed at food at the moment because I feel I do not know enough about it yet to provide professional and reliable advice, being only a student, not a fully qualified Dietician. I tend to stay clear of food for the moment. However, if I do occasionally post a recipe, it is generally a food that I love and occasionally eat as part of a balanced and healthy diet.
  • Nevertheless, no matter what product I am taking about, whether it is food, beauty, or anything else. My opinion will always be my own honest review and aim to use my knowledge and skills to the best of my ability to provide accurate information (as per HCPC guidelines).

‘Vegetarian’ and ‘Vegan’ Recipes

  • If a recipe is tagged as ‘vegetarian’ or ‘vegan’ it is still your own responsibility to check that each ingredient used is actually vegetarian/vegan.

Product Reviews & Features

  • I only ever review or feature products/services, which I personally would buy, and that I believe in.
  • As a content creator, I am lucky enough to be sent samples or products to try and review for free. However, I will only ever post about the ones that I genuinely like myself and would repurchase with my own money. I will also clearly state in the blog/video post that the product has been sent to me for free.
  • Any reviews and opinions are based on my own personal experience and preference with the product and how I like it as an individual. This may not reflect you in the same way.
  • Any endorsements/rewards/payments will not influence my opinion on the product or whether it is featured on my channel or not (as per HCPC guidelines). I will not be swayed by incentives of any kind.

 Sponsored Posts 

  • If a post states “sponsored/inspired by..”, “in collaboration with..” or “featured”, a company has compensated me either via money, a gift, or something else of value for the time taken to create the post. Nonetheless, all comments are my own, are 100% honest and are not influenced by any kind of incentive.
  • I decline sponsored blog posts from companies that I do not believe will enhance the wellbeing of my viewers.
  • On all social media platforms, #Sp or #Ad gives reference to a sponsored blog post.


  • Any adverts/links displayed on my blog, social media or YouTube do not suggest a recommendation, and however they are selected in line with my aim and direction of my YouTube channel and blog.
  • Adverts may be present before a video, to generate revenue to sustain the costs of the channel, for example, camera equipment, hosting costs, all things that enhance the quality of the viewing experience.

Competitions & Giveaways

  • I occasionally will hold competitions or giveaways on my channel and blog to give back to my viewers. It is a away for my channel to be more interactive and also give my viewers a chance to try some of the products I like.
  • Sometimes I purchase items for a giveaway myself, and other times it is given to me for free. Still, as aforementioned, I will only ever mention a product I personally believe in.
  • I am very careful on what products I give out for a giveaway. I only ever want to give my viewers a product that is something that I like myself and think is good.
  • My giveaways are carried out on Rafflecopter and winners are picked at random through this website.


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