About Me

Hello! My name is Ellesse, Ellie is good too though.  I am currently a student at Plymouth University in the UK and my hobby is my main social media platform, YouTube. I like to create content at least once a week and this blog is really a partner for my channel where I can post additional things that are related.

I originally set up this blog and my YouTube channel for healthy eating and recipes, but after 2 years it has grown into more of a space where I post anything that is of interest to me (and hopefully you too). I love to travel, so you will find many vlogs and videos of me around the world. I enjoy doing my make-up, hair and also experimenting with my style too! I have one real guide for myself and that is I always want to create content that my viewers can get something useful out of, wether that be tips, ideas or inspiration. So there is a real mixture on my channel and that is simply why I enjoy making my content so much.

A general overview of myself:

Back at home on the outskirts of London, (when I am not at Uni or travelling) I live with my mum, younger brother and the one and only Tia (my dog). I have a loving boyfriend Alex who practically also lives in our house too. I love them all and am grateful to have them everyday.

Outside of my part-time job and Uni, I am an outdoorsy person, I simply cannot sit still. I walk Tia regularly and go on spontaneous trips to the seaside or to local parks with my best friend Amy (who I couldn’t live without). My dad always encourages me to learn new sports and travel the world, like water skiing, snow skiing, kite surfing, wake boarding etc. Which is great, I want to progress in Kite surfing further and really get my head around it. I have been Skiing since I was 6 and it is probably one of the only few sports I can safely say I am good at. Of course, my greatest interest is health and nutrition, which is why I am choosing it as a career pathway.